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liquidsharpie said: Top 5 things that make you happy :)

OH MY GOSH this is such a lovely one!

1. Reading on trains
2. Watching a movie i love with a beer and indian take out
3. Playing covers of my favourite songs on guitar. (Alone in my room with a cup of tea usually)
4. Playing video games with a mountain of snacks
5. Getting drunk, staying up late, and discussing the meaning of life. 


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Have some manic depressed people personality prototype robot, aka Marvin

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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

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"bioshock 2 was the worst bioshock game"


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just want to place this here in case there’s anyone who hasn’t seen it yet

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sanderscohen said: top 5 otps!!!


1. Zaphod x Ford (as  BroTP)
2. Allison x Isaac
3. Fitz x Skye
4. Jack x llanto
5. Ryan x Lamb

I’ll probably remember one in a sec that I should have included… 

officialbrigidtenenbaum said: if its any easier, top 5 bioshock quotes?

Ooooh I like this!

1. Love is just a chemical - we give it meaning by choice

2. All of Steinmans little speech when we walk in on him. 

3. ”What makes something like me? I look at genes all day long and never do I see the blueprints of sin.”

4: A bleeding golf club. Who’d have thought? I’m never having kids… (Actually the entirely of the brute splicer dialogue has me in tears of laughter whenever I listen to it)

5. We all make choices but in the end our choices make us. 

Actually I’m just going to say right now that ALL of the splicer dialogues are perfect and are both hilarious and heart breaking. 

And I feel like I’ve forgotten a whole bunch that I should have included…


imagine your icon moaning your url

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